What is uSafeUS®?

uSafeUS® is a tool that has been developed to enhance campus safety for students. It provides campus-customized resources, guidance, and help for sexual assault or harassment, relationship violence, or stalking. It also offers tools to help keep you (or a friend) safe.

uSafeUS® is a free mobile app and it can be downloaded to any smartphone via Google Play or the iPhone App Store.


The uSafeUS® app enables users to:

  • Access to interactive prevention features including Time to Leave™, Expect Me™, Sound the Alarm, and Angel Drink
  • It provides instant access to emergency channels and related resources both on and away from campus
  • It provides users access to helpful resources relating to sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking

More Information

More information on uSafeUS® can be found on the organization’s website – uSafeUS.org.